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Here you will find a list of the most common questions and answers to them. 

Is Kizomba Sexual? 

No, Kizomba is not a sexual dance. In fact it's commonly danced with your family members in Angola. 

What do I wear? 

Please wear something comfortable. We highly recommend wearing flat shoes so that you can feel the ground when you're walking in kizomba and Semba

Do I need a partner?

No partner is required. We routinely rotate throughout the classes so you'll always have someone to dance with. 

I have previous dance experience. How do I know which class is right for me?

A lot of our students have previous dance experience. We can dance with you when you arrive to determine which class you should attend. 

How do I get better?

We highly recommend a mix of group classes, private lessons, practice at local dance events and intensive weekenders in order to improve. 

How do I get more people to dance?

We recommend sharing our events through social media and inviting friends when you go out.. It takes a group effort to build a community. 

How do I keep updated on events and classes. 

Social media is the main way we communicate our events and class schedule. Please click on one the links at the bottom of the page to keep updated. 

Do you offer Private Lessons. 

Yes we do. Private lessons are a good way of expediting your learning. It's also good for those individuals with a rotating schedule or who rather not do group classes. Please text Semil at 407-496-2124 for more info. 

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