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Kizomba and Semba Classes in Orlando

Our Story

We believe that once you walk through our doors you're family. In the classroom, we focus on technique, foundations, quality of movement and connection. At our studio, we believe dancing isn't about showing off; it's about feeling and expressing yourself through the music, connecting with your partner and having fun. Join our Kizomba and Semba classes in Orlando and see why this dance is becoming so popular. 

About the Instructor

Trained by Kizomba greats such as Afro Latin Connection, Lucia Nogueira, Eddy Vents, Mestre Petchu, Kizomba Harmony, Paulo Cruz, Oscar B.A., Miguel and Susana, Puto Chinez, and Cymeone. Semil has traveled to over 5 countries and has participated in numerous masters series classes and has taken the Afro Latin Connection Teachers Training Course and Mestre Petchus kizomba/Semba Teachers Course in Lisbon, Portugal. He is one of the few instructors in Florida certified to teach Kizomba and Semba. Locally, Semil has helped build the Kizomba and Semba Community and he's excited to share his knowledge with you.

As a DJ, Semil has taken To Costa’s DJ training course and has taken private lessons with both DJ Sabura and Oscar B.A. He first started to DJ his own social in Tampa but now continues to DJ throughout Central Florida and festivals such as the Atlanta Kizomba Congress and the Orlando International Kizomba Festival. 

I started taking the 6 week beginners classes out of pure curiosity. I AM NOW HOOKED!! Needless to say, I am continuing. I look forward to my classes w/Semil. Semil is an AMAZING instructor. His style of teaching comes 2nd to none. He is very patient when breaking down patterns step by step, making us feel comfortable the entire time. Whether he is teaching us patterns, the history of the dance or leading us in group exercises, we have a great time. That's what life is about, learning new things and having FUN while doing it!!

Semil's class is a definite "must take", in any level of dance.

Charlene Rodriguez-Melendez

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